Kim Jong-hyun of SHINee Had Committed Suicide

SEOUL, South Korea – 27-year-old Korean superstar, Kim Jong-hyun, died last Monday at his studio apartment in Seoul. Authorities suspected his death as a suicide. On Tuesday, his 3-day funeral had begun. According to reports, almost 500 fans of the superstar have gathered in celebrating his talents.

There’s a huge floral display that surrounds Kim’s portrait on the altar at Asan Medical Hospital. Other Korean pop groups were spotted paying respect to their co-singer. These include BTS, Girl’s Generation, BOA, and NCT.

In Korea, funeral lasts for three days. The first two days are spent in preparing the dead body and public mourning. On the third day, it will be spent for cremating or burying the body.

Kim Jong-hyun or famously known as Jong-hyun committed suicide in his apartment. Hence, his family didn’t request an autopsy anymore.

According to police officials, the sister of the pop star called police officers around 6 in the evening on Monday from his studio apartment after she had received cryptic messages from his brother.

Kim Jong-hyun of SHINee Had Committed Suicide

The cryptic messages include a final farewell, “Let me go” and “I did well.”

According to reports, superstar was rushed to the nearest hospital. However, he’s declared dead.

Kim Jong-hyun has an enormous fan base as he was the lead vocalist of the famous K-pop band, named SHINee, which was produced by S.M. Entertainment. Their band was famous after releasing their debut album entitled Replay in the year 2008.

According to Paul Han, a co-founder of the “all kpop” website, the pop star is one of the industry’s most talented and versatile artists. The K-pop world lost one of the brightest stars.

This year, SHINee went on their world tour which took place in the US and has released Five, the band’s fifth album. Recently, the late pop star performed as a solo singer.

Fans Grieve at the Death of Kim Jong-hyun

The Korean superstar has a large fan base which includes US fans.

Kylie Grant, a 20-year-old fan of the pop star from the US, said that he deserves to be remembered on how he was a great person and how he has inspired a lot of individuals. He thanks the star for bringing happiness to her world.

Meanwhile, fans paid their respects at the Asan Hospital. Jong hyun’s family asked to hold his funeral quietly.

Jung Min-Kyung, a fan, stated that he was a sensitive individual. He may have faced a lot of trials but just hid them, which was the toughest part for him.

Cryptic Messages Sent By Jong-hyun Is a Sign

Two weeks earlier, the K-pop star had sent a text message to Jang Hee-Yeon, his friend from the Dear Cloud band. In the text message, the singer stated that he is broken from the inside. The sadness he felt has swallowed him whole on which he cannot overcome anymore. He hated himself wherein he held on to disappearing memories.

Jang Hee-Yeon’s manager confirmed that she had received the text message from the late singer.

Jong-hyun will always be remembered as one of the best artists that loved music, who enjoyed the spotlight, and who loved to communicate with his fans through the music he’s making.

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