Sony’s PS4 And PS VR Prices Reduced For The Holidays

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Sony is temporarily dropping the prices of its PlayStation 4 (PS4) including its bundles and significantly offering its PlayStation VR (PS VR) on a discounted price starting on December 10, 2017, Sunday, just in time for the holiday season.

Sony will be offering its PS4 Pro bundles with $50 less. In line with the price drop, the standard PS4, which comes with a 1 TB storage, is now available for only $350 from its original selling price of $400. Also, the Star Wars: Battlefront II and the Destiny 2 PS4 natives will be sold at $400 from $450 until December 16, 2017, only.

More so, Sony is set to value its PS VR bundles at a discounted rate. Discounted bundles are the Gran Turismo Sport priced at $200 from the original $300, the Doom VFR from $400 to a cut-down price of $300, and the Skyrim VR from $450 to a more affordable rate of $350. These discounted bundle offerings will run on December 10, 2017, until December 24, 2017.

A lot of gaming enthusiasts are timing the release of the discounted PS4 and PS VR to make way for their holiday shopping. The tech giant made the availability of the bundles longer, so consumers can have more time to dive into the sale traffic.

Sony's PS4 And PS VR Prices Reduced For The Holidays

There are so much more to look forward to with PS4 this holiday season. Sony just recently released its free PS Plus games, such as the Darksiders II: Deathnitive Edition, the Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of the Legendary Legends, and a PS VR title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

With all the hype on the sale and discounted offers, game enthusiasts, and other consumers await if Microsoft will follow suit on the cutting down of prices in its Xbox One or Xbox One X. In the past, Microsoft has always proven to match the PS company when it comes to limited holiday offering of its consoles.

Whether Microsoft will offer its game consoles at a discount or not, the PS universe is still getting ahead and ready for the robust sale which will commence on Sunday, December 10. Gamers and other consumers are expected to rush on the temporary offer just in time for their gift-giving or new game console investment.

Though this is not something new for game consoles and other tech companies, consumers are still hyped on sale especially during the holiday season. This opportunity will make them save money or buy more with their Christmas bonuses.

The tech corporation is expecting huge deals in line with its price cut, most especially with the limited time offered. Discounts are significantly offered this season to finish stocks and make a brand-new point that has progressive value and quality when 2018 comes. The tech giant was predicted to launch brand new games and upgraded console next year.

In this regard, people have a lot more to look forward when 2018 enters. With only less than four weeks before another year comes, Sony is absolutely preparing to develop, innovate, and offer brand-new game titles for everyone. Additional pertinent announcement and further information shall be announced by the tech corporation soon.

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