Happy Single or Searching for Relationships?

Cherie, Why does it seem the majority of people who are so focused on being in a relationship are those who don’t have themselves together and the people who are career driven and financially responsible for themselves are happy single?
Looking for my equal


Dear Mr. Equal Seeker,

Rule number one in love is don’t ever go looking for love! Most of those who are seeking but not doing right by themselves are searching for happiness. You cannot find happiness for yourself in another person. What’s important for you is to remember what we put out into this universe is what we get back. So keep your Karma equal and when the universe feels you are ready you will be surprised with a beautiful gift of the love you have been waiting for! Your love future is bright.

Keep your eye on the prize,


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Actress, Author, film producer Cherie Johnson is here to answer some of your questions and share her views on Relationship, love and even drop a few sex tips….

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