The Highlights

The Weeknd has done it again. Leading to his Super Bowl LV performance, the singer compiled his greatest hits into an album “The Highlights.” Released on the 5th of February, it allows everybody, from day-one fans to the new ones, to experience the eras his work has gone through over the years.

“The Highlights” ties the best and biggest songs he ever made in a surprisingly cohesive manner. The album may not be as chronological as you would expect it to be, but the arbitrary nature of it all gives seems like the perfect nod to The Weeknd’s journey.

The album opens up with three songs from his latest album, “After Hours.” These are upbeat and welcoming to the point that they make you want to stand up and dance. The same techno vibe permeates throughout the album as it cycles you through “Can’t Feel My Face,” “I Feel it Coming,” and “Starboy.”

The tempo shifts as the album reach “Pray For Me,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, a song best known as a soundtrack from the smash-hit Marvel movie, “Black Panther.” The song acts as a pivotal turning point as the album mellows down and slowly introduces The Weeknd’s discography’s seriousness and depth.

“Heartless,” “Often,” and “The Hills” are the songs that come right after. These are more sensual and deserving of the parental advisory label. They are the perfect low-beat vulgarity that should come after such a highly energetic start. These three songs round out the album, perfectly elevating the versatility that The Weeknd embodies.

“The Highlights” may not have introduced new songs into the mix, but the contrast and differences that it embodies cannot be found in other albums from the era. Add the perfect transition that divides its two parts, and then you get the perfect summary of The Weeknd’s amazing career.

After the subtle highlighting of the talent, range, and versatility that this album showcased, you can’t deny that the Weekend will definitely be one of the artists that will stand the test of times.

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