Snapchat To Release ‘Stories Everywhere’ To Share Snaps Anywhere

MANHATTAN, NY – Snapchat is developing its ‘Stories Everywhere’ feature so users can share their stories beyond the mobile application. The said upgrade is made to boost the multimedia mobile platform’s presence to other social networking applications.

Snapchat, an image messaging and multimedia mobile application is leveraging up on getting every story shared outside the application. As the competition between Facebook and Instagram rises, the multimedia mobile app is looking to heightened up their existence and to promote various filters the app has.

The image messaging application went live last February. Since then, the application had several upgrades and other overturns to remain in rank one as a real-time story sharer online. Yet, other mobile platforms and social networking accounts like Facebook and Instagram have upgraded, too.

With the rise of the competition, the image messaging application experienced a stagnant user progress followed by a decline in revenue. More to this, the mobile application suffered immeasurable drop to third quarter this year even with several upgrades and new Augmented Reality (AR) filter inclusions.

The said downturn is caused by users’ application shifting and/or sticking. Since Facebook and Instagram upgraded their snap-sharing and video-taking features, users are more likely to utilize those than installing another third-party application or stick to Snapchat.

With the extreme decline and stagnation reported by Snap, the application made its interface more user-friendly. Snap is now rolling out new redesigned look that is more focused on easier sharing. The app also invested in their Discover feed.

Snapchat To Release 'Stories Everywhere' To Share Snaps Anywhere

The Discover feed section of the mobile application easily sends the user to all latest TV, print, and online news updates. The newly redesigned feed also made it lighter for advertisers and other companies to showcase their products, services, and trivia that go with it.

Snap seems to be overhauling its user-interface to offer the user something new to explore on. This move is set to make mobile app users go back and stick to Snap as their first-choice when it comes to multimedia-sharing application.

Snap also expect that through this upgrade, they can increase their user growth. Furthermore, an increase in their user growth equates to financial growth.

Snap aims to be a more engaging platform for everyone, not just for personal stories but also a source of all the latest news about sports, entertainment, editorial content, and even current events.

In 2011, Twitter did the same thing making them open for sharing to any social media platform. The tweeting company had a success and kept all their users and even grow bigger as per their usual.

This just goes to show that social media platforms should work on giving something new to its user to remain their place in the social media rankings. Thus, this will also help them to further their reach and drive online population.

Snap, on the other hand, is hoping for a positive feedback about the upgrade they have made and will do for the next months to come. Snapchat is hopeful that they will regain their user growth and advertisers’ trust through this overhaul.

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