Ariana Grande Responds To Backlash Over Manchester Pride Festival


Ariana Grande has been slammed by fans who think her to be the reason for the price hike for the tickets of Manchester Pride festival. Fans have also accused her to be a wrong pick for the headlining of the festival. Manchester Pride festival is to be held in the UK in June and Pop star Ariana Grande has been chosen to headline the gay and lesbian party in the City.

As soon as Ariana Grand was chosen as the headlining star, a hike in the ticket prices was observed by the fans and they started criticizing her to be the reason for this hike. Manchester Pride festival is quite famous and the demand for tickets was very high and thus Manchester Pride raised the prices of the tickets. Ariana decided to directly respond to these accusations. She defends herself by saying that the prices of the tickets are set by Manchester Pride. She also claims that she has nothing to do with the ticket pricing and it is out of her control.

Ariana Grande

Music fans also showed distress over the fact that it was wrong for a straight Popstar to headline a festival of the LGBTQ community and it is a way of exploiting the community. Ariana Grande takes to the social media to respond to the backlashes by fans over the Manchester Pride festival and fights back saying that she respects what they have to say and also she has been a supporter of LGBTQ community since long and she is not trying to be a hero. She says “I’m not claiming to be the hero of the community or the face of the LGBTQ rights movement.” She also tries to describe how important the community is to her and she has gratefully accepted the invitation to perform.

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