Diddy Does His Best To Keep His Children’s Spirits ‘stay Intact’


Diddy’s difficulties in life have inspired him to try his utmost to keep his children’s “spirits intact”.

While the rapper is now one of the most successful musicians in the world and was recently named Forbes magazine’s highest-paid entertainer of 2017, things haven’t always been so easy.

One of his toughest times was the murder of his friend Biggie Smalls in 1997, and tragedies like that have made Diddy, real name Sean Combs, even more protective of his six offspring.

“I think it makes me very protective of them. It makes me protective of where their spirit’s at, most importantly, ’cause when I was going through a lot of that stuff, I lost a lot of my spirit,” Diddy, who is a father to six children with three different women, told TV show Extra in a recent interview. “So when they’re going through things, I try to make sure their spirit stays intact.”

Diddy’s life story is explored in the new movie ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’. And the project doesn’t shy away from exploring the more challenging parts of the rapper’s life.

“It’s something that started out as, like, a regular music documentary, but it became something much bigger. It became a feature film. It’s something out there to inspire people, not just tell our history, but to inspire people,” he explained.

“We had to deal with 20-some-odd years of hits and 20-some-odd years of trials and tribulations and we looked up and we just had, like, this beautiful movie.”

Despite his musical success, Diddy is also well known for his former relationship with Jennifer Lopez, who he dated from 1999 to 2001. And while both he and Jennifer have moved on from the romance, they remain close friends.

When Diddy was asked what he thinks of the singer’s new man Alex Rodriguez in the chat he shared he “absolutely” approves of Jennifer’s new beau, and added: “He’s a great guy.”

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