Gil Sharone Quits Marilyn Mason Band To Pursue Other Dreams

Recently, Marilyn Manson’s professional drummer had called it quits. After being an active part of the band for the last six long years. On Thursday, 27 March 2019, Gil Sharone has officially made it clear that he won’t be playing for the band.

Through his social media account he wrote that after five long years he’s leaving the band. So that he could pursue one of his other passions. Sharone also stated that it’s been a pleasure to work for the band and gave his love to Marilyn Manson, and them all.

Gil Sharone

In the past, Gil Sharone had received many awards for his background score and he also worked for two other bands named Stolen Babies as well as Team Sleep. The drummer had also worked for a wide range of movie and television shows namely, John Wick, Dead Pool 2, Dark nights, Guardian of the Galaxy 2, Kingdom, etc.

Gil Sharone had also played alongside some of the legendary musicians like Eek-A-Mouse, Dave Wakeling as well as Bad Brains. The drummer of Marilyn Manson made things little more than complicated as they are planning to go on a tour with Rob Zombie. The tour would start during the early week of July and will end during the mid of August.

Sharone, who lives in Los Angeles had been a part of the band since 2013, and he was also featured in the two records made by Shocker Rocker. The two records in which he was featured were Heaven Upside Down as well as The Pale Emperor. Along with the Shocker Rocker, Gil had also done a couple of projects with Maynard James Keenan. The duo had recorded an album named V for Vagina. Along with music production, Gil had also written a book named Wicked Beats.

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