LANY set to tour the world in 2019

LANY World Tour

Hitmakers, LANY have recently published every single date on their 2019 Malibu Nights World Tour. The tour started on Feb. 4 in Moscow and will end in Hawaii, 6 months later, in August.

Although new to the scene, LANY has seen worldwide success and is touring the world for the second time around. But this time, on an even bigger scale.

LANY is responsible for chart-topping songs such as ILYSB, Malibu Nights, Thru These Tears, and Super Far. The trio have been so well-received by fans because of how well they’ve managed to write their pain into some of this generation’s most painful love songs.

We’re not even sure if we can call them love songs. Most of the lyrics their songs tell of are really heartbreaking endings and hopeless waiting. Their songs are not only written with such an honesty that appeals to the truly broken hearted, but the emotions in Paul Klein’s voice is what gets people hooked. Their unique sound is also to blame. Not much of today’s mainstream music sounds any different from each other but LANY has managed to set themselves apart by miles.

LANY for dummies


Millions of people sing to their songs but not everyone knows what their band name even stands for nor how it’s pronounced. It’s not a crime but if you really love something, you’d do everything to get to know all about it, won’t you?

According to the trio, LANY stands for Los Angeles New York. Because it doesn’t look like any other American English word, people have spent a good amount of time puzzled by how it’s pronounced.

The correct way to pronounce the band name is ‘lay-nee’. There you have it, folks! You can now say your favorite band’s name with confidence and ease!

Malibu Nights


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