Rita Moreno’s Battle: Confronting Loneliness in a Beautiful Condo


Rita Moreno, renowned for her vivacious personality, recently confronted an unexpected adversary – loneliness. At 91, the actress and singer moved from her cherished house in California’s Berkeley Hills to a new condo, triggering an unforeseen wave of sadness that even affected her appetite. In her candid interview with PEOPLE, Moreno, widow to Leonard Gordon since 2010, disclosed her daughter Fernanda Luisa Gordon’s concern about her well-being during this transitional phase.

Despite residing in what Moreno deems the “most beautiful apartment,” she found herself questioning why she was grappling with such emotions. Tapping into her wealth of therapy experiences, she realized the crux of the matter lay in the geographical separation from her close-knit network. Her daughter and grandsons, though deeply loved, were not in proximity, requiring preplanned meetups instead of spontaneous visits.

A revelation struck Moreno – her loneliness wasn’t merely a personal challenge but part of a broader societal issue. In response to the Surgeon General’s declaration of loneliness as an epidemic, Moreno acknowledged the intrinsic human need for social connections. Loneliness, more than a passing emotion, bears tangible health risks, from cardiovascular issues to mental health concerns and premature mortality.

In a commendable effort to combat her solitude, Moreno decided to make a change. She embarked on a mission to meet new people, breaking away from the norm where others gravitated toward her. A chance encounter at the supermarket led to a lunch invitation, fostering a newfound friendship. Moreno’s openness to this experience exemplifies the resilience one can find in embracing change and seeking connection.

As Moreno navigates this uncharted territory, she stands as a testament to the importance of addressing loneliness, not just as a personal struggle but as a broader societal concern that demands empathy, understanding, and proactive efforts to build meaningful connections.

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