Razer Nommo Pro Speakers Review: Is it Worth Spending $500?

Razer’s Nommo Pro is a fine pair of speakers and has earned a name in the gamer’s tribe. It is a 2.1 sound system and has a variety of customizable features. It carries a high price tag of $499.99 which may want you to give it a second thought. Therefore, here is a detailed review of the Nommo Pro for you, in case you are considering buying this premium pair of speakers.


The sub-woofer and the two satellites have a matte black finishing which gives it quite a subtle look. The RGB adds charm to it as it isn’t all that loud while flashing lights – you can customize it with an app and software. The speakers are just the right size and quite light in weight. They are seated on a wide base which is probably to keep them intact and for better sound quality. The manufacturer has added a boosted rubber lining around the driver for a deep mid to low range of sound. The tunnel in the middle is meant for the airflow which helps in lowering distortion. The control pod is illuminated so for volume, inputs and power.


Razer Nommo Pro

It has a very simple UI and you have different connectivity options which include USB, Bluetooth, analog and optical. You can use the Razer Synapse software while you are connected with the USB and customize it in different ways. Even the Nommo Pro app offers you several controls.

This pair of speakers doesn’t compromise on volume and the quality of sound. It has an excellent equalizer, a wide sound stage and a subwoofer that is convincingly loud. Overall it almost comes up to an audiophile quality speaker but levels by a few points because of the smooth and warm sound which are not detailed. You can listen to music, play games and watch movies through the speakers but if you are considering it for something more professional such as editing, then this may not be your pair of speakers.

One of the best things about the Razer Nommo Pro is that despite being so powerful, they are directional. They can be rumbling at its top volume while you dance in one room, but the others in the next room won’t be disturbed with its loud sound.

The sub-woofer has been designed to face downwards making it more powerful and engaging. However, despite its ability to get so loud, it doesn’t influence the other sounds. What could have been made better is its response rate so it would be even more crisp and taut.

Another worthy aspect of this speaker is that its wide soundstage is excellent. Its placement has been precisely done which make gaming more interesting and immersive. You also have the option to enable Dolby Virtual Surround Sound technology using the software.

The speakers have been tuned to perfection. The sounds through them are pleasing and delightful.

Final Verdict

Razer Nommo Pro speakers are simply perfect. The speakers justify their price tag. You should definitely go for them.

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