God of War III

God of War III features gameplay similar to that of previous installments. Eight weapons have been confirmed so far: the Blades of Athena, the Blades of Exile, the Blades of Hades, another new set of chained blades, the Blade of Olympus, Apollo’s Bow, Hermes’ Boots, and the Cestus, a pair of fist gauntlets shaped like lion heads acquired from Hercules. This new weapon has the ability to smash through solid objects such as rocks and plowing through enemy shields, as well as a slightly smaller range than the extending chains as the Blades of Athena. The Golden Fleece appears on Kratos’ arm in gameplay trailers and the demo, and the Icarus’ wings, showing that he keeps both from his adventure in God of War II. However, it is unknown if Kratos keeps Poseidon’s Trident from the first two games. Magic Abilities have been announced, with 5 abilities being confirmed, Helios Beam, Army of Artemis, Hephaestus Fury, Solar Flare and Warriors of Deimos.

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