South Park: Time to get cereal review

South Park is a Comedy-drama. It has 22 seasons and the 22nd season is still on Air. Time to get some cereal is its 6th episode of 22 seasons. Trey Parker is the director of this comic drama. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are its writers. This show is the longest TV show and one of the strongest social community comedies.

Main plot

South Park is a town, and its boys think that AL-Gore can help them.

Some people say and mock the show that its intentions are not in the best interest of the people, but others think its point exactly the problems of society.

Everyone is considering “Time to get cereal review” is one of the best episodes of the 22nd seasons so far. The episode starts with a flashback of the Jimbo and Ned who came on this earth as a result of senseless destruction and are running into the Manbearpig. The creature now looks terrifying. Literally how time flies.

Gore is an alone and narcissistic individual. Some think that Mat and Trey should apologize to Gore for being so silly. As Red dead redemption is his obsession like every other person. So the boys tricked him for the exchange of the information.

South Park: Time to get cereal

Gore is, on the other hand, is also a true and a pure soul. He always helps to reveal the true face of the monsters even if he is left alone in the end. It is he who uncovered the evil mask of Manbearpig and remarked about him that first, he made people tricked and then when they do their tasks they always regret it. It is his mean demon policy.

This is exactly what is going on earth with climate change. We only see short sight benefits and not long-term side-effects like global warming. In this way, we will strongly regret it in the upcoming future. This comedy-drama is also a true metaphor for this change in the world.

One of the most interesting scenes is the entrance of the creature in a restaurant that came to tear up the place. A man who is sitting there and strongly condemn the climate change and considers it a myth always doubt on the existence of this creature. This really hurts. But when that man accepts the creature existence, it’s too late. This is actually our conditions. We have shut down eyes to what’s coming for us. We can run from it for 10 or 20 years, but in the long run, we have to suffer.

Final verdict

Harison lifestyle scene is also epic. His fight with the wife is very funny. You need to watch this. Catman and ketty are considered in a mass shooting whose reason we can understand somewhat. Stan got arrested, and his grandfather sees this happening. He is now regretting that why he made deal with the demon.

To find out now that what Stan’s grandfather gained from Manbearpig one has to wait and see the next episode.

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