North Carolina COVID-19 Cases Decreases Despite Low Vaccination Rates | Health News

RALEIGH, North Carolina – New Health Department Data reported a significant decline in COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks.

Last Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services showed a 25% drop in North Carolina hospitalizations, with daily cases decreasing by 30%.

In other words, this data shows that one out of 310 North Carolina citizens received positive COVID-19 testing results in the previous weeks.

The declining trend in the COVID-19 cases in North Carolina also explains the lesser deaths attributable to COVID-19.

North Carolina sustained these favorable results despite only a few citizens receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Only 33,000 residents received the COVID-19 vaccines in the previous week. This number is the lowest vaccination rate since December 14, 2020.

However, a report from the Health Department showed that 86% of the patients in the hospitals are COVID-19 patients, with 91% of the patients in the hospital’s intensive care units.

The Health Department also disclosed that the COVID-19 vaccines show good efficacy against COVID-19. However, the department also explained how the patient could experience a decline in effectiveness against the rising delta variant.

Nevertheless, the report also showed that unvaccinated people risk a higher chance of dying from a COVID-19 infection than vaccinated citizens.

Despite North Carolina receiving a declining trend in COVID-19 cases, the Health Department asserts that vaccination is still the best way to prevent COVID-19 infections.

The state also offers monoclonal antibody treatments for symptomatic patients exposed to the COVID-19 virus in one to ten days.

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