Mercury Retrograde Effects Each Zodiac Sign Should Prepare For

Beginning June 18th soaring till July 12th, Mercury begins its second retrograde of the year. Each zodiac signs differ when it comes to focusing on various factors when making these transitions.

Ordinarily, Mercury retrograde is a time to anticipate the complete interruption of communication, self-expression, and travel. This course around, we can suspect some pretty revolutionary outcomes.

In astrology, the word “retrograde” means that something appears to be traveling backward in the sky. When Mercury goes retrograde, it looks like it’s moving from east to west vs. its usual west to east.

Overall, this retrograde will not be as intense as usual, heeds Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer at and, she recently tells Refinery29. The retrograde transpires in the sign of Cancer, which, as a cardinal sign, is associated with leadership. “We’ll see the current leadership issues we’ve been going through exacerbate even more due to the cardinal quality of Cancer,” Montúfar explains. “This could be especially true around the time Mercury forms a tense square with Mars on July 8, just days after the intense lunar eclipse that happens exactly on the fourth of July weekend.”

Though this Mercury retrograde will be more simple on us than those in the past. It doesn’t indicate we’re having an easy go of it right now by any means. Despite what the planetary aspects say, to suggest that anything right now will be easier than usual would be misleading, given the political circumstances we’re currently living under. Many of us are trying to not only navigate surviving a pandemic and an economic collapse but are also protesting police brutality and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Use the family-focused strength of Cancer to strengthen the communities you align with. And have healthy discussions with any associates or relations who still have a lot of work to do. Have them now, because the next Mercury retrograde likely won’t be so generous.

What should you expect for your sign this time around? 


As Mercury Retrograde transfers through Cancer, your fellow cardinal sign, you’re finding that something is keeping you back from living your greatest life. You might see trouble regarding housing. Avoid making any major moves until after the Mercury Retrograde. You might notice appliances or technology glitching out at home. On an inner level, you’re focusing on the past, spending way more time with your family rather it be in person or on video. You’re getting in touch with your roots and trying to find better peace for yourself.


The way you interact with others isn’t working out as well as it could for you. You’re an earth sign—practical, grounded, and logic tends to win out over your emotions. Taurus: even if you don’t want to focus on the feelings YOU still have them! You’re discovering how to be more sensitive, not only to others’ feelings but to your own, too. Feeling upset? State something. If yourself’ is sad, vent to someone you can trust. If you’re content, share it with others. And if you value someone, make sure you tell them! It might have you stepping out of your comfort zone, but you got this!


Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is occupying your chart’s second house, which commands valuables and values. As far as “valuables” go, your investments are getting a little intense and wild, so shun impulse buying, for now, accumulate your funds to a higher amount when you can, and double-triple-quadruple check that you’re paying your bills on time. And as for values, you’re interpreting your morals and seeing how your past affects what you consider in the present. Remember your past does not define you and you are starting to realize this. If there have been mistakes you have made in the past, now is the time to make it right and indulge in changes. If you didn’t receive the support or love you needed growing up, you’re able to love yourself. The next few weeks are full of important inner work, and while it won’t be easy, the rewards will be more than worth the energy you put into it.


Mercury Retrograde is happening in your sign. Are you ready? You’re doing a ton of inner work for yourself by focusing on the way you are communicating and the way you feel about yourself. Focusing on the persona you want to show the world, and the types of relationships you form. Yes, it seems like a lot, but remember it always starts with yourself. Some questions to ask yourself are: How do you relate to others? How do you share your thoughts and feelings? Once you’ve figured that out, go further and explore how your past affects yours now. Reflect your inner wants and needs, and make sure they’re being met. After all this effort, you’ll be able to display the most suitable version of yourself possible, strengthen your relationships, and feel a sense of inner comfort.

With these next few weeks ahead of us, you will be dealing with emotional baggage and digging into your subconscious habits and behaviors. If it sounds heavy too you, that’s because it is! This inner work is taking a striking toll on your potential, so you must take time to meditate, relax, and rest. This Mercury Retrograde is all about stopping patterns and ending cycles for you, Leo. It’s an opening to eliminate self-destructive habits, to a better life. Also, you might run into an ex or an old friend you had a falling out with—this is your opportunity to find closing. As you dig up memories from the past, you’ll get worn out at first, but you’ll be surprised at how much more vivid you feel by the time this retrograde finishes.


This Mercury Retrograde isn’t reshaping you on a personal level, but it’s stirring up drama in your team. There are people in your crew that, honestly, you’ve outgrown. You know the kind—they just take and take and take, without giving anything back. Not declaring that you should view your friendships as transactional, but be genuine with yourself. If your friends don’t support you, this Mercury Retrograde might bring the final straw that makes you decide to cut them off. On the other hand, you might run into someone you had a past falling out with, so you can define whether this person belongs in your life now that you’ve both improved. Word to the wise: as much as you’re being tempted to chatter, try to dodge it—that way you can decrease the drama and come out on the other side in one piece.

This Mercury Retrograde is happening in another cardinal sign, you’re getting hit sort of strong, Libra. The main focus here is on your career and public representation. Think about whether or not the persona you display to others (especially in your work environment) honors the real you. Is your current professional path in line with your dreams? Do your professional goals fit what you want to do with your life? If you’re not so sure about your current position, don’t turn in your two weeks’ notice—but go ahead and update your resume, inquire about different jobs, and send in some applications. Even if you’re content with what you do for a living, you may feel some extra requirements from your boss, so look for productive ways to boost your potency. No matter how you may feel about your 9-to-5, once you break on through to the other side of this retrograde, you’ll have a stronger idea of what you want to do with your life, Libra.


Two areas of your life are being struck by this Mercury Retrograde, Scorpio. First, if you’re a student, you’re being served with a ton of challenges. With questions such as, are your current classes going to help you do what you want with your life after graduating? Are you figuring out where to apply for college or grad school? You’re in no rush to solve these dilemmas right now, but take these weeks to acknowledge your options. All Scorpios are being asked to focus on your opinions, beliefs, and outlook on life. You’re a headstrong fixed sign, and you strive for what you believe in no matter what. But now is the time to receive input from others and learn about ideas you haven’t yet acknowledged. Keep an open mind.


Sagittarius, this retrograde is focusing on familiarity for you—what it means to you, how you experience it with others, and the state of your sex life as a whole. (BTW, if you have any shared financial assets—especially with a partner—expect some stress to come your way.) You have a status for being a loyalty-whore, but this retrograde is urging you to dig deeper and examine how your past occurrences influence your current feelings about relations. Deciding how to open up and allow yourself to become entangled with someone else is troublesome, particularly for someone as self-sufficient as yourself, but this retrograde will assist you to understand that commitment comes with deep and worthy bonds.


During this retrograde, your main focus is your one on one relationships. From your best friend, boyfriend, business partner to anyone you are having some issues with are the connections to focus on and take advantage of this encounter to find closure. You might even want to bring them back into your life—after assessing how they’ve changed. If you’re currently in a relationship and are having to struggle to get along with your partner, or just hitting a harsh patch with a friend, use this time to stop, Mercuryfigure out the root of the issue, and find a resolution. Odds are, it’s a delivery issue. Speak your mind and make sure you hear what the other person has to say, too. Be willing to negotiate.


Both your mental and physical health should be your focus for the next few weeks, as is your day-to-day routine. Ask yourself, do you have regular self-care rituals? Are you staying active? Are you eating balanced, nutritious meals? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then it’s time to make it better! Make sure you’re eating right, exercising, and getting loads of rest. This Mercury Retrograde can be a real difficulty if you’re not taking accountability for your wellbeing. But if you take this time to tap out unhealthy habits and start new, productive ones, you can lead a more fortunate & more productive life for a long time after the retrograde is ended.


Hey, Pisces! Lucky you, this Mercury Retrograde is going to cause very insignificant drama. Since Mercury is in Cancer, its vibes are harmonizing with your own, retrograde. Your focus is fundamentally on yourself and what makes you satisfied. Mercury Retrograde is taking place in your chart’s fifth house. The house of good fortune, which rules romance, sex, creativity, and fun. During this time you are getting back in touch with your inner child. You are finding what makes you smile, and learning how to administer affection. If you’re an artist of any type, you’re inspired to create. If your love life has been lifeless, you’re able to figure out why.



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