The hype on Netbooks

What is a Netbook? Is it a computer or an oversided PDA? Technically a notebook is a device designed specifically for the accessing the internet. Don’t expect alot of power from these at least not yet as netbook are not designed to replace laptops but they are a perfect mobile tool to access your email or social networking sites. Here is a list of the top 5 netbook from top:






 Dell has a handfull of colorful and stylish looking netbooks. These striking netbooks feature the Intel® Atom™ processor Z530 and elevates multitasking capabilities for everyday computing.






This portable netbook features a built-in MOTION EYE webcam with microphone, wireless connectivity and a brilliant 10.1″ screen so you can video chat with friends and family and browse the Internet on the go





 This portable netbook features a built-in webcam and microphone for video chatting and an 8.9″ widescreen display for comfortable viewing. The Intel® Celeron® processor delivers reliability for everyday computing.

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