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CEO of Platinum Boy Music, Amadeus, is coming to the industry universal. Production is by far the most important element in creating a song. Without production, there’s no beat, and without a beat, there’s no song. New York City’s hottest producer, Amadeus, explains the hustles and the struggles an upcoming producer experiences.

Amadeus, a.k.a. Platinum Boy, was raised in the streets of New York City. Since 1998, he has successfully produced platinum cuts for numerous hot artists and is now a major asset to the music industry. Sacha Starr spoke with Amadeus about the beats game.

Who are some of the artists you have produced?

I have produced for Lil’ Mo, Foxy Brown, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Camron, Fabulous, Marcus Houston, Omarion, 50 cent, Mike Jones, and the numbers growing by the day.

Now that’s powerful! Do you realize your track record is outstanding?

Yes, I’ve been blessed.

Who has been your inspiration musically?

Musically Amadeus was one of the greatest composers to me. He composed over 2,000 compositions. This guy has over 200 pieces in his band. To be able to incorporate that and control it is amazing.

What advice would you give an upcoming producer or artist?

First off, have love and passion for the art, it makes the product more sincere so the world can appreciate and accept it. Second, always work your hardest and be creative. Third, networking! Get out and network in your city. If your city isn’t hot, then go to where it is. Keep it movin’, Keep grindin’, and Stay humble!

Producing, I know has its ups and downs. Can you share some unfortunate, but realistic problems that occur when producing?

One problem is when an artist puts your song out without your permission. Or, you might produce a song without getting paid right away and your production fees could get short changed. There are many stages that production has to go through. Sometimes, it’s not concrete until the album is sealed and delivered. I have been in plenty of situations where a song I produced didn’t go thru. Bad things will happen, but good things will happen more.

It’s obvious that platinum producer Amadeus carries a gift to hear, feel, and create true music.

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