Breaking Bad Movie in the works

It’s official, Breaking Bad is not yet over! The creators of the highly successful TV series announced that the Breaking Bad Movie is happening.

The hit TV series first aired in January 2008 and ran for 5 seasons until it ended in 2013. The critically acclaimed series took American television to a new level with its intelligently written plot. Apart from the way it was written, it was the brilliant character development that really caught the fans’ applause.

Breaking Bad revolved around the relationship of two unlikely characters, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Walter White was a high school chemistry teacher in a small town in New Mexico. One day he found out that he was dying of lung cancer. He knew for sure that he couldn’t afford getting treated and so he went looking for alternatives. He agreed to take part in a drug bust with his brother-in-law, Hank and there he met Jesse Pinkman.

Jesse Pinkman was one of Walter White’s former students who has since dropped out of school. His character’s story begins with an escape from a drug bust that Walter White just so happened to be a part of.

The turning point for Walter White

Breaking Bad Walter White

Walter was smart and instead of turning Jesse in, offered him a sweet deal. He wasn’t going to turn Jesse in to the police given that Jesse gets him into the world of illegal drugs.

The pair faced threats to their lives, losing loved ones, and working with the wrong people together. All of which forged a bond that only death could break.

Fast forward to the end, Walter White is seen dying on the ground of a lab from which he had just freed Jesse from.

No one knows how Jesse’s life turned out and that’s exactly what the Breaking Bad movie is going to be about.

Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman

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