Valentine’s Day the Kanye West Way

Kanye West just gave his wife, Kim Kardashian the most extra Valentine’s Day surprise ever. It comes as no surprise considering how consistently Kanye showers her with extravagance even on regular days!

For Valentines’s Day 2019, Kanye filled their living room with red, white, and pink roses each in its own clear vase. But Kanye didn’t stop there, he topped it off with a private performance by none other than Kenny G, the God of Sax!.

Talk about raising the standards for Valentine’s Day gestures for men all over the world!z

Kim flooded her Instagram followers with snippets of Kenny G’s performances. She posted stories of the songs she liked the most from the lineup.

Compared to his Valentine’s Day gesture last year, this one takes the cake!

Valentine’s Day 2018

Headlines of the West’s Valentines Day in 2018 consisted mostly of the fact that Kanye got back on Instagram to greet Kim. Apart from a sweet card, not much is known of how the power couple spent the day.

This time last year was a pretty busy day for the queen of social media. Kim took to Instagram and posted the list of people she was sending her perfume line’s PR boxes to.

The list Valentine’s Day PR list got so much attention because her enemies were on it too!

Her new perfume at the time came in heart-shaped bottles and were launched on Valentine’s Day, of course.

We wonder what next year’s surprise is going to be like for the makeup mogul. After all, she is the mother of Kanye’s three children and by this time next year, they’ll be family of six.

The couple recently announced that they are working on their fourth child, also their second child via a surrogate.

No doubt, running a multi-million dollar company and raising 3 kids warrants lavish Valentine’s Day surprises!


Valentine's Day 2018






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