DJ Kay Slay Passes Away at 55 After a Fourth-Month Battle with COVID-19

New York – Music executive DJ Kay Slay passed away at 55 years old after battling a COVID-19 infection for four months. 

DJ Kay Slay, more popularly known as the Drama King, inspired numerous musicians, producers, artists, and numerous fans from different music industries. Hot 97, a New York City radio station, mourned the death of this beloved artist. 

Hot 97 also expressed its support for the family through its various social media posts on Instagram and Twitter. Hot 97 said in a Twitter post, “The Streetsweeper Kay Slay was more than just a DJ to us. He was family and a vital part of what made Hot 97 the successful station it is today.” 

The radio station played Kay Slay’s final album, Soul Controller, featuring artists like Shaqueen, Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dogg, Busty Rhymes, Dirti Diana, and Fat Joe. 

The family also expressed gratitude to the public for their support during the DJ’s hospitalization to his death. People will remember his legacy throughout generations for his passion and excellence. 

Slay was famous for reviving old-school hip-hop in his albums, mixing his sound and pride in his recording. 

Slay was also known for bringing together the rising names in his “Streetsweeper” mixtapes like Kendrick Lamar, Nas, and Jay Z. 

Kay Slay became one of the favorite and brilliant DJs and MC Battle referees in the 2000s, eventually building his studio in the heart of Harlem. 

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