From Blonde to Ginger: Olivia Dunne’s TikTok Hair Color Experiment

Olivia Dunne, an LSU gymnast and TikTok sensation, is considering altering her signature blonde hairstyle to something more unique. Over recent months, she has repeatedly utilized an AI-generated filter on TikTok to explore which hair color might suit her best.

Initially, the AI tool transformed her hair into a light brown, nearly dirty blonde color. On November 16, Dunne gave it another go, resulting in an even more daring suggestion. The filter gradually shifted her blonde hair to a vivid ginger hue in the video.

Dunne’s reaction in the video, as captured in her caption “well this is different,” indicated her skepticism about the ginger hair suggestion. However, her followers seemed enthusiastic about the potential change. One admirer praised the AI-generated style, saying it looked good on her, while another expressed support for “ginger Livvy.” A third fan commented on the suitability of the look, and yet another expressed admiration, saying it looked fantastic on her.

We agree with her fans that Dunne could likely pull off the new color, though it remains uncertain if she’ll actually opt for such a drastic change. It appears Dunne is still weighing her options, using the AI tool for potential future inspiration. Her experiment with the filter is also encouraging others to try it out, possibly leading to their own style changes this winter.

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