Jack Harlow Downplays Race in His Rap Music Craft


Jack Harlow spoke in an interview with GQ Magazine recently. The Kentucky rapper offered his views regarding the aspect of race in his rap music career.

You are well aware that the rap music industry is profuse with Black or African-American artists. They include leading ones on every coast of the United States. 

For instance, in the US Midwest rap scene, you have Kanye West. Meanwhile, in the West Coast rap scene, you have Snoop Dogg, and in the East Coast rap scene, there are the likes of 50 Cent and Jay-Z. 

With these facts, Jack Harlow decided to tread carefully as he addressed the topic of race in the rap music industry during his conversation with GQ. As you know, this 23-year-old Louisville, Kentucky native, who is also the co-founder of his own musical collective, Private Garden, has long discussed his placement in hip-hop. 

This time, you will learn that he does not want to treat his whiteness as a novelty. Jack Harlow, whose first breakthrough is the release of his 2020 single “Whats Poppin,” cited that what has worked for him is that his music has never been about the fact that he is white. 

The musician, who is signed to an imprint of Atlantic Records, Don Cannon and DJ Drama’s record label Generation Now, remarked that he does not attempt to lean into himself being “the white boy.” Jackman Thomas Harlow emphasized that he does not try to make his skin color a novelty.

The rapper and songwriter also told GQ Magazine that he raps from his heart instead of attempting to do a “white version” of rap music being an art form. You will also discover that Jack Harlow claimed to recognize that he has it easier than many other artists. 

What he meant to say was that he does not run into as many impediments while traveling overseas as a rap artist. 

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