Kevin Jonas Testified in Court about FIFA Bribery


NEW YORK, N.Y. – Pop star Kevin Jonas, 30, of the Jonas Brothers has placed an odd twist for the United States trial for the three of the former South American soccer officials.

The trial is about the FIFA corruption scandal, and Jonas’ testimony surprised a lot of people. The pop star has some accounts to tell about attending one of the Paul McCartney show in Argentina.

The prosecutors called for the former Jonas Brothers member to support the earlier testimony of one of the government co-operators. It stated that Juan Angel Napout, one of the defendants, was allegedly bribed in 2010 with pricey tickets for the McCartney concert. He was also questioned if the said concert or event even took place.

While Jonas has no personal relationship or knowledge about Napout or the alleged bribery scandal, he was able to confirm that the concert actually happened. In his testimony, he stressed that the former Beatle Paul McCartney performed for a concert at the River Plate Stadium. It was two days before one of the Jonas Brothers’ show took place at the same venue, which the prosecutors already contended.

The teen heartthrob also said to the jury in Brooklyn’s federal court that it is entirely special to see any show done by Paul McCartney. It was after he was asked by Kristin Mace, an Assistant US Attorney, if he liked the show.

Kevin Jonas Testified in Court about FIFA Bribery

During the cross-examination, Jonas was asked to state the song that McCartney used to open the concert. Jonas stated that he, along with his peers, was late in the concert and only arrived after two of McCartney’s songs were already done. He also said that during the concert, with about 85,000 of people going to the same place, the traffic is terrible.

Jonas’ presence in the court was unannounced; therefore, it shocked most of the people inside the court. They didn’t know he would testify until he took the witness stand. The lawyers have also argued whether Jonas would be given a chance to testify or not. Some of the defense attorneys said that the celebrity’s presence only creates a spectacle that is not needed nor wanted.

However, the judge agreed with Mace’ argument that it was  necessary that an account from one of the audience would be heard to acquire  facts from the event.

The three defendants are Napout, who is the former president of the soccer federation in Paraguay; Jose Maria Marin, who is the ex-president for the federation in Brazil; and Burga, the former president of the federation in Peru.

All three had already pleaded not guilty to the charges, stating that they were paid in exchange for some help in getting the lucrative World Cup commercial right and for other tournaments. The whole conspiracy involves about tens of millions.

Kevin Jonas is one of the three members of the Jonas Brothers, which disbanded in 2013. The band was formed by the three New Jersey siblings and has long built a fan base especially with the help and connection they have with Disney Channel.

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