Still-in-Love Bella Hadid Went Out To Dinner Braless


LONDON, UK – Bella Hadid, 31, one of the most in-demand and famous models today, was seen in London heading out of a restaurant in a sexy outfit. The famous model was allegedly recognized to be braless in a see-through black top.

The Palestinian-Dutch model has always been sought after when she travels across the globe. But since she is in London, Bella Hadid went out of her way and wore a daring outfit. She was seen to have dined in the China Ting Mayfair eatery.

She was then approached by several reporters and celebrity photographers where she was spotted. Bella Hadid was wearing high-waisted jeans with a sexy see-through off-shoulder top that reveals she was braless.

True enough, Bella Hadid has showcased her stunning and unique style as she always does. She was also wearing her Christian Dior earring in dangling and had a nice baker boy cap beret on top of her head. People were also quick to recognize her coming out from the eatery; hence it sparked reporters and celebrity photographers to take a full coverage of her.

A lot of fashion enthusiasts noticed that Hadid was styling herself up like the 90’s once again. Her ensembles portray a lot of how fashion was like 20 years ago, and people are starting to love it. Hadid’s fans are imitating her style and considering her stylish venture. Perhaps, not the braless kind, but people always loved the audacious and stylish aura.

Still-in-Love Bella Hadid Went Out To Dinner Braless

Furthermore, in previous interviews, the stylish model was said to be still hopeful in her relationship with ex-boyfriend The Weeknd. The ex-couple reportedly ended up their relationship last November 2016.

Time seems to heal all wounds, as some would say. A source reported that the fashion model remained friends with her ex-boyfriend after the breakup. The two was said to still have their communication lines open for each other.

More so, others are claiming that Hadid and The Weeknd seem to have been recently talking up to non-stop. This sparked many speculations that the two will be going back in each other’s arms anytime soon.

The said source also expressed specifically that the ex-couple are FaceTiming, texting, and calling each other consistently.

In addition, the source claimed that the fashion model missed her ex-beau and expressed that she was happy with what was going on between the two of them as of the moment.

Everyone seems to notice that the fashion icon is still in love with her ex-boyfriend. Though there is no update yet whether the two have finally reconciled, it seems to still go on that way.

Hadid and The Weeknd’s breakup happened quite a long time ago. Perhaps, this is the time that they have fixed whatever issues they had and proceed with making up things together for the betterment of their relationship.

Bella Hadid’s strong fanbase and followers were happy to be hearing this kind of news and wish that it will eventually go the good way both the fashion icon and her singer ex end up.

Last update was on: February 2, 2024 5:19 am

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