Mark Whalberg’s new movie Instant Family, set to premiere at a later date due to Woolsey


The premiere for the up and coming movie, Instant Family which stars Mark Whalberg and Rose Byrne has been postponed due to the California wildfires. Paramount has released a statement regarding the temporary cancellation of the event and stated that the premiere will be held on a later date.

The venue of the premiere is at risk of being burned down by the Woolsey fire and is the main reason for the postponement. The movie, Instant Family revolves around the foster family system of the United States. Studio Paramount emphasized that the premiere will push through for the sake of the special guests they invited, foster youth and those involved in foster organizations.

Mark Whalberg

In the statement, Paramount also mentioned that the food that was meant to be served at the premiere’s after party will be donated to The American Red Cross. The organization is currently providing emergency relief and care to the fire’s victims.

Paramount also announced that the movie will be screened at the evacuation center where the victims are temporarily sheltered.

Members of the cast of the Instant Family movie have taken to social media websites to share their thoughts and prayers to all those who are affected and gratitude to those who have been tirelessly working to end the fires from spreading.

Latest reports say that the Woolsey Canyon fire has taken 25 victims over a 70,000-acre area. More than 250,000 people including A-list celebrities have been forced to evacuate from their homes since the fire started. Lady Gaga, Cher, and the majority of the Kardashians have all been known to have evacuated their homes as well.

Others have not been as fortunate, losing their entire homes to the flames. Gerard Butler recently posted a video of his Malibu home’s burnt remains. Robin Thicke was only able to save his cars and some personal belongings.

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