Purple Reign Continues: Prince’s Personal Collection Goes to Auction

In Boston, an online auction this week offers Prince’s fans a unique opportunity to own pieces of the late musician’s renowned wardrobe. Over 200 items are up for grabs, collected by a French enthusiast who initially intended to establish a museum in Prince’s honor. RR Auction of Boston, managing the auction, noted that the collector sourced these items from those who worked closely with Prince. The artist, who passed away in 2016, was celebrated not just for his musical talent but also as a fashion trailblazer.

Among the auction’s standout pieces is a white, ruffled shirt Prince wore during his 1985 performance of “Purple Rain” at the American Music Awards, valued by the auction house at around $15,000. The auction showcases various items, including an outfit from the movie “Under the Cherry Moon” and a pair of high-heeled blue boots from the Act I Tour. The “Under the Cherry Moon” outfit is valued at $45,000, and the boots at $20,000.

Bobby Livingston from RR Auction explains that the auction highlights Prince’s impact on fashion and its connection to contemporary music artists. It traces his stylistic evolution from the “Purple Rain” period to his death. Also featured in the auction are a custom-made gold stage outfit valued at $10,000, a blue Schecter ‘Cloud’ Guitar played by Prince with an estimated value of $4,000, and a chain hat.

The auction isn’t limited to clothing; it also includes original Polaroid photographs, master recordings of famous albums, and documents related to Prince’s films and music videos. The bidding process is set to conclude on Thursday.

Earlier in the year, Minnesota paid tribute to Prince by renaming a highway segment near his Paisley Park residence in his honor. In a fitting homage, the governor used purple ink to sign the bill for this renaming. Prince, who died at 57, had an “exceedingly high” level of fentanyl in his system, as per experts.

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