Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fans are in For A Treat in Her New Film, Here and Now

Sex and The City fans will enjoy watching Sarah Jessica Parker’s new film entitled Here and Now where they will see one of the star’s character’s iconic wigs making an appearance.

According to Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw, a sex columnist in the famous Sex and The City TV series, she actually has more than 90% of her unforgettable character’s wardrobe in storage somewhere in Brooklyn.

The film Here and Now is an independent film where she is one of the producers. Sarah Jessica Parker figured that it made perfect sense to revive one of her wigs as a means to cut on the spending for the up and coming movie.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker, now 53, first wore the wig, which is characterized as a long wavy bob, 20 years ago on what was her TV debut. Now, she is bringing it back to life for no less than the star of her new independent film, a jazz singer who unexpectedly gets the worst news of her life, a fatal diagnosis.

Sarah Jessica Parker further explains that it was one of the first wigs that the show’s lead character wore as she arrived in New York City, making it all the more meaningful. She also goes on to recall that her legendary character, Carrie Bradshaw paired it with a cropped sweatshirt.

This is not surprising to Sex and The City fans as she had previously, and repeatedly mentioned that she does keep most of what was used in production over the years because of the sentimental value that she has attached to each of them.

Although, she mentions that she no longer touches nor wears them, she maintains them due to the fact that having immediate access to the pieces reminds her of some of the best times of her long running acting career.

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