Skarsgard Ready to Play any part in Wook’s Miniseries


True blood fame actor Alexander Skarsgard signed in to be a part of John Le Carre’s The Little Drummer Girl without even going through the script for once. The Little Drummer Girl is a spy novel which is about an Israeli spy who wants to kill a Palestinian terrorist. To one of the news agencies, Alexander Skarsgard told that he’s been a great fan of the British novelist John Le Carre. He further told the reporter that though he was completely unaware about the novel but since he had read other novel’s of John, it made him to say yes for the offer.

Furthermore, the actor also told the reporter that since he wants to work with Park Chan Wook who had directed and wrote the script of Old Boy, it further influenced to take the offer. In one of the live television shows, Skarsgard praised Park by saying that he’s one of the greatest filmmakers. The actor further said that since Park is such a great director and filmmaker, thus it is one of those times when you don’t have to read the script to like it and to get influenced with it.

The actor is so much wooed by the works of Wook that he said that no matter what Chan would make him do, he will do it willingly. Park Chan Wook is a veteran South Korean filmmaker, producer, writer, and film critic; Pan had directed Old boy saga which is acclaimed worldwide. Besides Skarsgard, the show also has some other well-known faces of the film industry viz. Michael Shannon, Florence Pugh, etc.

In the show Shannon portrayed the role of Israeli spy and Skarsgard reportedly will play the role of an intelligence officer and Shannon’s partner. John Le Carre’s The Little Drummer Girl had already been adopted for silver screen back in 1984, directed by George Roy Hill, starring Klaus Kinski and Diane Keaton.

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