Tom Swartz and Katie Maloney Share A friendly Bond Despite Their Divorce

It’s rare to see exes get along after their divorce. However, even after a few months since their breakup, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney still maintain a friendly bond. On Friday, Schwartz appeared on the “You’re Gonna Love Me” podcast with Katie Maloney and claimed that the two still hang out together occasionally. He said that they were still friends and kept in touch.

Schwartz believed it was in their best interests to part ways, and he’s glad they’re still close. However, Vanderpump Rules fans are quite confused regarding their relationship status and wonder how they are still able to remain friends while undergoing a divorce.

What got fans confused was Maloney reposting something by Tom when the two recently got together. Maloney thinks the two were family for a long time, and it makes sense for them to interact despite not being together anymore. Maintaining a friendly bond through the divorce was a top priority for both of them.

If Tom and Katie wouldn’t have been divorcing, it would have been their sixth wedding anniversary. The two are still legally married until the end of the year. Maloney thinks it would be rude not to acknowledge their anniversary this year. According to Schwartz, they should find new ways to commemorate their anniversary moving forward after the divorce is finalized.

He thinks since the two of them are so close, it would be nice to go out and celebrate with some good food and drinks. The Vanderpump Rules stars share custody of their dogs, and while the beginning of the split was rough for both of them, things seem to be getting quite good.

Tom and Katie have no awkwardness or animosity. Tom claims to still love her, which could be another reason for them to maintain a friendly bond. Both stars were first married in 2016. However, the legal paperwork wasn’t filed until late 2019.

The two stayed together for 12 years and had quite an adventurous time together. According to Maloney, both hold great admiration for each other but find themselves on different paths. The divorce was Maloney’s idea.

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