Apple iPhone X: Newest and Best Smartphone of 2017 Review

The latest smartphone Apple iPhone X is starting to get a lot of attention for a lot of reasons. It is not only the newest iPhone. It also features several updates that a lot of users would appreciate compared to its predecessors. It is designed with a remarkable OLED screen, and its size is fit for optimal handheld comfort.

What’s Changed in Terms of Design?

Apple iPhone X has all the features that were present and introduced in iPhone 8 Plus. But what makes it amazing is that those countless features are now packed in a smaller phone which is a little similar to the older iPhone 8 model. It also includes the six-core A11 Bionic processor and water resistance feature.

Missing in iPhone X that were in its predecessor are the home button and the Touch ID. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t include a headphone jack.

While the rear cameras of the old iPhone models are already superb, iPhone X has even made it better with its dual rear cameras. It also features wireless charging as well as a glass-back design that is used to enable it.

Apple iPhone X is considered to be the most sophisticated of all the smartphones on the market. It is available in both 64 GB version and step-up 256 GB version.

Apple iPhone X Newest and Best Smartphone of 2017 Review

New OLED Display With Crisper Resolution

The latest Apple iPhone X boasts its 5.8-inch display and 19:9 aspect ratio that is wider and taller than iPhones 6, 6S, 7, and 8. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it is bigger than the 5.5-inch screen of iPhone 8 Plus as they are only shaped differently.

A closer look at the X’s screen will tell you that the display has cut a small portion of the upper screen. It is to give space for the front-facing camera of the phone as well as the sensors. While the display area has become a bit smaller because of it, it does not have an impact on videos or apps.

iPhone X features 458 pixels for every inch. Its Super Retina resolution is even crisper compared to its predecessors. It is also the first Apple smartphone to feature an OLED display which boasts its excellent color and fantastic black levels.

Face ID Signature Feature

iPhone X features Apple’s TrueDepth camera system. It includes the microphone, a speaker, and an ambient light sensor that is already present on other phones. But Apple now added a few features like the dot projector, flood illuminator, infrared camera, and seven-megapixel selfie camera.

Apple’s TrueDepth is also what is behind the signature feature of iPhone X which is the Face ID. It uses your face as authentication when you unlock the phone as well as for passwords and any other transactions. It has replaced Apple’s Touch ID, which is the fingerprint reader used in older models.

A lot of people questioned the functionality of the Face ID before the phone was released, but iPhone X reviews state the good news that it performs excellently.


Overall, the new Apple iPhone X provides a fantastic user experience with its amazing features and new OLED screen as well as the newly introduced Face ID feature.

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