Phone to Gaming Console: Gamepad Moto Mod Review

The Moto Mod ecosystem is a brainchild of Motorola and has been building up for quite some time now. The Gamepad Moto Mod is the system’s newest extension. It is not your typical controller case where you can enjoy some of your all-time favorite games. It does more than that. The Moto Gamepad can make your phone a fully portable gaming console.

While it might not be the most affordable of its breed, the Moto Gamepad has several extra conveniences that make it worth your money. It has a direct and lag-free connection to your smartphone and an integrated battery which is something you will very likely appreciate when it comes to the gaming experience.

Overall Excellent Hardware

There is nothing short of excellent when talking about the hardware that was used to create the latest Gamepad Moto Mod. Similar to its Moto Mod predecessors, the Moto Gamepad connects to the rear of your phone with a simple magnetic click. As easy and quick as that, you are now set to hours of enjoying your game.

You don’t need to install any kind of application, not even a Bluetooth pairing. One of the reasons it’s great for gaming is it directly connects to the phone. It eliminates the lag during a game which is often the case for Bluetooth controllers.

The design of the Gamepad Moto console is also convenient. It doesn’t block your phone’s camera which makes it easy to snap a photo without disconnecting your phone from the game console.

The buttons of the console are also better than other average types. The dual analog sticks are rather responsive, the D-pad has crisp travel, and the face buttons are not too soft at all. Another best thing about the Gamepad Moto Mod is it is relatively smaller than other game consoles for phones like the Switch by Nintendo.

Best for Playing Game Boy Games

Phone to Gaming Console: Gamepad Moto Mod Review

Not all of your all-time favorite games provide a better player experience when using the latest smartphone. Most of them are still more compatible with a game console, and that is what the Gamepad Moto Mod is made for.

If you are the kind of player who enjoys playing the Sonic games by Sega or those emulated Game Boy games, using the Moto Gamepad is far more enjoyable than using your phone alone. Playing Minecraft is also much better with the console.

The Moto Gamepad is specially made for classic and old-school gamers. The modern smartphone games like Alto’s Adventure, Candy Crush, and Monument Valley might not be ideal for the game console. They weren’t designed for sophisticated button mashing in the first place, so you shouldn’t expect the device to make playing these games more top-notch.


The Moto Gamepad is not for everybody.For players who are fond of big and complicated games that ideally use full hardware controls, it’s the device for you. It is incredibly portable which makes it easier to bring whenever or wherever you go. When you have a Moto Z device, all you need to size up your all-time favorite games is to use the new Gamepad Moto Mod.

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