Your All-Around Spy: Latest Guardzilla 360 Review

If you want an indoor security camera that can see everything that is happening inside a room, all at the same time, the latest Guardzilla 360 is your best choice.

It is a live streaming camera for your home that can cover 360 degrees. All you have to do is place the device on an even surface, plug it in, and configure it through a free mobile application. You can now have a 360-degree video streaming and watch saved motion clips.

The latest Guardzilla 360 is an innovation when it comes to home security. It eliminates the need for panning just to capture activity or the limitations of having a fixed-angle lens. It’s more than your typical home security camera.

An Overall Security System

It is worth mentioning again and again that the latest Guardzilla home camera covers a total of 360 degrees. It is kind of a big deal. Most people use several cameras to watch various corners and entryways. There is no need for more than one system when it comes to the Guardzilla 360.

More than being your 360-degree home camera, the Guardzilla 360 is an all-in-one security system. It is a self-contained security device which features everything you will ever need for your own and your home’s safety. It includes an integrated siren as well as arm and disarm capabilities. Moreover, the Guardzilla 360 also allows for a professional monitoring that is optional based on your preference.

Excellent Build and System Design

There are a lot of all-in-one home security systems on the market, and the Guardzilla 360 is the newest addition. What makes it stand out from its many competitors is its better overall system function. It wasn’t just built to exist; it was made to surpass what other all-in-one systems can offer.

Resolution is a vital thing when it comes to home cameras, and the latest Guardzilla 360 is on top of its game. It features a 1712p HD screen resolution which is significantly higher than its competitors which only have about 1080p HD resolutions.

Your All-Around Spy Latest Guardzilla 360 Review

The Guardzilla 360 is only among the few all-in-one security devices that offer 360 degrees of view since most of these devices only provide as wide as 180-degree field of view. Its 100-decibel siren is also one of the best you can find on the market.

Its 48 hours of free event-based clips is also a much-appreciated bonus.

When it comes to the outside appearance, the latest Guardzilla 360 features a neat and classic design which won’t go out of place in any home interior.

What Others Are Saying

Some picky users said that the mobile application for the Guardzilla 360 needs a little revamp since it already looks clunky and outdated.

But, when it comes to functionality, the device is on the top list of the best security systems.


While the Guardzilla 360 might not be the most affordable home security device, its all-in-one feature and its 360-degree field of view are worth the investment. The latest Guardzilla 360 is now considered the top variety when it comes to smart home integrations.

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