Fitbit Versa- Better than the Apple

Fitbit Versa is a great smartwatch loaded with top end features which are present in Apple watch and other expensive wear on watches. Versa is the latest Fitbit watch which has gained great popularity in just a few months. Fitbit Versa works as both activity tracker and health smartwatch.

This is because of its slimmer design and affordable price. Fitbit Versa is a lot thinner than the expensive Apple watch and is now available for just $200. The Versa looks really premium and is a kind of watch which you will love to wear. But Fitbit has made certain compromises to make it slim and thin. There is no onboard GPS on the Versa which is surely a downside of the watch. GPS is present on almost every other smartwatch but the Versa lacks it. In spite of build in GPS, it relies on the phone’s GPS with which it is connected to. This means when running or jogging you need to take your phone out to get accurate data.

Fitbit Versa is designed to target a wide range of people from the casual joggers to the fitness enthusiasts, swimmer, cyclist, gym goers etc.  It keeps a record of all your daily activity and sleep. Along with that, it is also focused on female health tracking.

Design and display

Fitbit Versa

The Versa is smaller in comparison to Ionic the previous Fitbit watch. Its screen size is 24.07 mm high and 24.07 mm wide. The diagonal length measures 34 mm. The screen size is large enough to use the watch comfortably. The watch response well to feather light touches. Fitbit has reduced the size of the watch because so that it can fit small sized wrists.

The Versa comes with a 300 x 300 pixels display. The display is bright and the colour reproduction is great. This makes it easily readable in sunlight.

Color options

The Versa is available in three beautiful colors which include black, silver and rose gold.

The Rose Gold version of Watch comes with a matching Peach silicon strap. The silver one comes with a grey band and the black comes with a black color strap.  There are another two limited edition models of the watch available.

First is the rose gold with a matching woven strap and second is a Charcoal Grey watch with a grey woven strap. The straps are replaceable and you can change it if needed.

Other features

Other features of Versa include the step calculator, calorie burned, distance covered, active minutes and floors climbed. It also has a Fitbit PurePulse heartbeat monitor which records you heartbeats one of the most accurate heart rate calculators. This can help in increasing the efficiency of your exercises. It also has a SpO2 sensor which measures the amount of oxygen in your blood.


  • Bright and clear 24.07 mm high and 24.07 mm wide screen
  • Slimmer design
  • Premium looking dial
  • Interchangeable Straps
  • Heart rate monitor and activity calculator
  • Accurate data


  • Lacks inbuilt GPS


After looking at the specification of the watch, I would say that it is a perfect choice for health-conscious peoples. It comes at a very affordable price and it has all the necessary features which are present in top end smartwatches. The only problem is the absence of GPS but you can easily connect it to the Phone’s GPS and it works just fine.

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