HP Chromebook X2 Review

HP is known for its innovative products. The company always tries to stay a step ahead of its competitors by developing most advanced and high-end devices. One of the popular HP devices is the Chromebook X2.

The Chromebook X2 is a convertible tablet cum laptop. It is far ahead in terms of performance than its competitors. It is designed to be the best. The tablet features a bright and high-resolution display, all-day battery life and smooth processing. Overall it is a one-stop solution for all your needs.


The device looks very stylish and premium. White anodized aluminum is used for its outer case. The chrome finished HP logo on the back adds a charm to its classy looks. You can easily convert it into a laptop by attaching it to the leather-textured keyboard provided with the tablet. The device feels comfortable in the lap and is pleasant for typing purpose.

The only cons of HP Chromebook X2 are its weight and thickness. It is heavier and thicker than other convertibles. The tablets weigh 3.2 pounds. The device is 0.6 inches thick which is almost double in comparison to its competitors.


HP Chromebook X2

The Chromebook X2 screen is made to produce very high 114% of sRGB spectrum. However, it is still behind the Chromebook pro and the Google Pixelbook. The touchscreen is smooth and responds very well to the taps.

Though the screen resolution and colors are great, the thicker bezels are the only problem with the display. Nowadays most of the tablets and laptops come with very thin bezels for an enhanced viewing experience. The thick bezels of the X2 are really annoying while enjoying movies and videos.

USB ports

The Chromebook X2 has two USB type C ports. You are also going to get an SD card. Again there is a 3.5 mm universal jack for all your audio devices. The USB type C is blazing fast with more than double data transfer rate in comparison to USB 3.0. The availability of these ports makes it stand a step ahead than the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and other devices which are still lacking it.


Now talking about the performance, the X2 is armed with Intel Core M3 7Y30 processor. Then there is 4GB of RAM. The m3 CPU is definitely not the fastest but is capable enough to deliver seamless performance. You will never face any single lags while switching between the applications or while multitasking. The battery life is also great and will give you a backup of 8.5 hours once fully charged. That’s absolutely enough for all-day usage.


Then there is a powerful 12.5 MP rear camera which clicks decent pictures. The front facing camera is of 4.9 MP which can be used for selfies or Skype calls.

Final verdict

HP Chromebook X2 is available at a very reasonable price of $599. HP also provides you with one HP active pen and a keyboard included in the package. Overall the Chromebook X2 is a great deal if you are ok with the weight and bezels and you will never regret buying it.

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