Kwikset Obsidian: Is It Time to Resort to a Door Locking System?

Apparent in the name itself, Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt is a modern age door locking system that utilizes patented technology to ensure hackers are unable to gain access to your space.

In this hurried age, it is essential to have a key system that helps you get in and out of your house without having to carry keys with you.  It features 6 customizable user and master codes built for enhanced security.

The package also comes with 9-V backup power to ensure continuous security even when there is already low power supply. For added protection, the device alerts users when there is someone trying to access the protected house through activated code alarms.

Sleek and Modern Design

The purpose of the modernized design of Kwikset Obsidian is to create an automated door lock system that blends in with the natural motif of one’s home.

Secure Screen

A common problem in door locking systems is fingerprint tracking. Faced with an experienced burglar, he may be able to detect your door code by following your fingerprints. What’s remarkable about Kwikset Obsidian is its Secure Screen feature which lets you press a series of codes before the visual screen actually appears.

At first, you see nothing but a screen of black. Being the owner of the lock, you are aware of the codes that you set to activate the screen. Upon pressing the codes, the numeric finally appears, and you can now press the proper code to open the door.

Kwikset Obsidian Is It Time to Resort to a Door Locking System

Product Feature and Specifications

  • Sleek and glass-like design
  • Touchscreen key system
  • Features 16 customizable master and user codes
  • Features Secure Screen  activation
  • Comes with 9-V backup batteries
  • Features user alert for weak batteries
  • Door is locked with one touch
  • Code error alarm system
  • Fast and easy to use

Existing Reviews About the Product

Users have been commending this product due to its fast installation, not to mention its well-functioning locking system. They were particularly happy because they could set a code for expected guests and never have to worry about an intruder walking into their house.

Things to Improve

A few users asserted that despite their love for this door locking system, they had trouble viewing the codes whenever the sun is shining too bright. There was also this one user who mentioned that he had trouble setting the door locking merchandise because he had glass doors.


An all-time favorite about this lock system is that it guards your home even when during your absence. Whether you are resting or working late hours, you are ensured that your loved ones are safe and sound.

In this time and age, it is essential for you to be cautious whether you are in the streets or at the comfort of your own home. It is quite basic for anyone to be careful when they are out in the open.

However, once they step in to their own homes, they get too complacent, thus resulting to accidents and break-ins. This door locking system helps you prevent those unfortunate events from happening.

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