LG Watch Urbane

The LG Watch Urbane designed Android wear is a classic modeled pioneered to reshape of a kind bandwagon. Whilst the use of Smart watches is on the rise LG tables a device suitable for any business function. However, the android wear is more of an embryonic platform that only a device spec can overcome it.

The Design

The watch encompasses metallic designs and features a diverse selection of straps available and suitable for dexterity depending on the situation. The metal shiny increasing its effectiveness; however, often, such features are affected by fingerprints. The bottom side of the watch is similar to link-minded devices and all other phones, flat. Compared to models such as Urbane LTE, this watch is light you won’t recognize it, thus easily mistaken for non-Android phones.

The Specifications

If you have specifications for Android wears, be certain that this watch meets all those expectations. It includes a 1.3 inch screen size (P-OLED) with a maximum of 320 x 320 pixels and a processor (1.2GHz) that runs on 1GB RAM. Additionally, it includes 4GB internal memory offering a platform to store music and videos. However, it lacks a GPS tracker. LG Watch Urban is a recommended wear. It’s efficient to get notifications on your wrist compared to a handset.

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