Makes All the Rest Fall Down and Pay Homage!

There is a bunch of online, multiplayer, first-person shooters on a lot of different systems these days.

And then, there’s Titanfall.

Seriously. There might come a day and time that Titanfall will be outdone, but that time doesn’t seem to be too close at hand. It is the purest game of its kind that has ever been on the market.

Boom. Cue the magic.

If you want to team up with buddies (or strangers) and shoot the hell out of a lot of stuff, then Titanfallwill have you wondering where the hell it’s been your entire life.

We shouldn’t be that surprised at how crisp the gameplay is or at how detailed and interactive each of the maps on Titanfall are, though. The game is the brainchild of Respawn Entertainment which itself is the product of former Call of Duty developers, Vince Zampella and Jason West. The split of Zampella and West from Activision was, at the time, a blessing in disguise for the gaming world even though a little rough for them.

Funny then that the games plot (if somewhat shoddy) is pretty allegorical; Spunky space workers do battle with their greedy, corporate bosses and try to go out on their own with the help of some giant robots to make it happen. Hmm…


The greatest thing about Titanfall is that while it’s all that and a bag of chips, it doesn’t try to do too much with its designed purpose which is to be the best multiplayer shooter ever made. For that reason the game is played in multiplayer mode, only. There are no other modes!

The types of scenarios and maps on Titanfall will be pretty familiar with capture the flag, base defense, and attrition all present here.

You start the game out as thrifty and agile humans and eventually you’ll gain enough power and experience to be able to summon a Titan to really bring out the big firepower.

Pros: The maps are the best thing that has ever been produced in a game like this: Intricate and delicate at the same time. You can get lost in the scenery here, but sound effects in the background can quickly get your butt moving again.

Cons: I’m not sure the humans should have the slightly upper-hand over the Titans but that’s the way the game was developed. Also, when in matchmaking mode the system is a little whack. You could easily find yourself in battles with players who are far superior and you could really get raked.

Final Analysis:

Titanfall is the best online, multiplayer, first person shooter that we have seen yet. The maps and gameplay are near flawless and that makes up for the weak plot and other online issues in matchmaking. Get into the right group and get some time playing under your belt and you may not have a more enjoyable online gaming experience for a long, long time.

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