New York Hospitals Fire Unvaccinated Medical Staff | Health News

NEW YORK – New York hospitals began firing or suspending medical workers refusing to take COVID-19 vaccinations. These suspensions resulted in a dramatic shortage in staff, forcing smaller hospitals to postpone surgeries and other services.

The rising number of suspensions comes from President Joe Biden’s mandate to increase pressure on unvaccinated Americans. These Americans object to the vaccination because of religious or health purposes.

A representative of Catholic Health announced that the hospital reached full compliance, with most of the medical personnel receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations. Catholic Health also announced that it suspended unvaccinated health workers without pay.

Furthermore, JoAnne Cavanaugh failed to disclose the number of workers suspended because of refusing vaccinations based on medical or religious reasons. Cavanaugh also did not disclose any exemptions for workers refusing the vaccine because of extraordinary circumstances.

Because of the number of suspensions, Catholic Health also announced that it postponed some elective surgeries to compensate for the workforce loss.

Bill de Blasio, New York City mayor, attributed the rapid suspensions to the slow compliance of the COVID-19 vaccination mandate. De Blasio worries about the other hospitals that care for patients in a smaller vaccinated population.

Aside from Catholic Health, Erie County Medical Center also suspended inpatient surgeries and refused to accept intensive-care patients.

Peter Cutler announced that Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo looks to suspend hundreds of unvaccinated employees.

Cutler announced that suspending operations in the hospital would inconvenience important patients and damage the hospital’s finances. Cutler also announced that the hospital could lose over $1 million per week because of the suspended inpatient surgeries.

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