How To Attract Older Women Looking For Younger Men Online

The internet is a glorious invention, isn’t it? It allows us to communicate and interact with people all over the world and has invariably changed the way that we live our lives. Arguably, the most prominent change has taken place in the world of courtship and dating.

Today, a quick heart emoji in the dead of night is more than enough to make a woman’s heart go a flutter. In ye olden times, however, men were expected to deliver a bouquet of roses to their special lady while singing love songs from horseback. Thank God for technology.

The advent of the internet has allowed us to connect with practically anyone at any time, regardless of age. This has brought about a unique phenomenon in which an ever-increasing number of older women are actively seeking out younger men for companionship.

Once upon a time, the stringent views of society frowned upon older women looking for younger men. However, the times are changing, and the world is evolving in its views. It’s now more acceptable for older women to date a younger man.

Just take a look at Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Sandra Bullock – all successful and powerful older women who have dated younger men.

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Why wouldn’t a young man look for an older woman? They’re more experienced, often more understanding, and most importantly, more mature than younger women.

What younger men love about a cougar

I love the word “cougar”. It denotes a predator on the prowl. Cougars are the king of the stalk. They set themselves in the most advantageous position and then pounce when the time is right. Each move is thought out, each action reasoned. And let’s be honest here, there’s nothing sexier than a cougar on the prowl.

Younger men love older women for the maturity they bring to the relationship.

Sure, younger women often have more energy and tend to be prettier (a completely subjective opinion I can assure you), but some men aren’t interested in dealing with a partner who’s still figuring themselves out. Some men want a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants.

Older women have been there and done that. They’ve been through the games and have likely played a few themselves back in the day.

Older women looking for younger men aren’t seeking to discover themselves through a relationship like a younger woman would. They’re looking for a man to please them. . . In more ways than one.

Honestly, do you think older women are looking to date younger guys for their riches? Oh, no. Often the interest is purely sexual. It’s no secret that younger men tend to outperform their older counterparts.

How to attract an older woman online as a younger man

Let’s get a few things out of the way here. If you’re trying to attract older women looking for younger men, a mindset shift is required. Throw out all the little games you would play with a younger woman. For example, waiting an entire week to text her back.

To truly enrapture the attention of an older woman, you have to present yourself as something completely different. You have to be a unique phenomenon she’s never experienced in her life. You want her to say “Oh, I’ve never seen that before.” So, let’s jump right in.

Find a well-reviewed online dating site

It’s no secret that younger women often use social media as a way to find and attract dates. This is usually not the case for a mature woman. Older women looking for younger men will often turn to dating apps and dating sites.

With that being said, attracting an older woman through a dating site can be a daunting task in itself. Too many people fluff up their online dating profiles with amazing facts about themselves: “I’ve traveled the world five times over!”

That’s nice, but are you coming across as the most interesting man in the world or just a boastful, arrogant bastard?

Do yourself a favor and stop pretending to be this amazing person you aren’t. Stop boasting about all the trips you’ve been on and all of your fancy degrees. That’s like going on a date and talking about yourself the entire time without letting her get a word in.

Sure, you want to establish yourself as an attractive choice, but instead of making your profile self-centric, focus on what you can do for her.

For example:

“I’m not the best cook in the world but I know how to stop and listen when you have something to say.”

A bit cheesy, but that tells an older woman you have a certain level of maturity. I’d pick that statement over “I’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro five times now” any day of the week.

Present yourself as a passionate lover

Older women all make the same assumption when they’re hunting down a younger guy – they’re probably broke. An understandable sentiment, because if you’re young enough, you’re likely still in college, just starting a new career, or still figuring life out. However, one thing you do have in abundance that she can’t find in an older man is a raging sex drive.

Isn’t it funny how your high sex drive typically gets you into trouble when dating younger women? Yet, when a cougar is on the prowl, that’s likely all she’s expecting from you.

Just think about it this way. If a mature woman wanted financial security, she most certainly wouldn’t be looking for it in some 20-something year old straight out of college. She’d date an older man.

However, if she’s primarily looking for someone who can take care of her in the bedroom, she knows that a younger man is better suited for the job.

For that reason, if you’re able to attract an older woman it’d be in your best interest to escalate to sex as quickly as you can. Complement her online photos, tell her how beautiful she is. Tell her how sexy she is.

Don’t use this as an excuse to harass her, though. For example, sending her a dick pic is way over the line for a first-time interaction. However, subtly hinting that you’re sexually attracted to her may be the push she needs to take things to the next level.

Let her know that you’re not there to make friends. You’re a passionate young buck champing at the bit to be released from your cage. If she feels your unrestrained passion through your online interactions, don’t be surprised if the relationship escalates quickly.

Presenting yourself as more mature than your age

Along with creating sexual tension, you have to present yourself as someone who’s mature enough to handle an older woman. She doesn’t need to be reminded of her kids when she’s interacting with you. What she needs is a man who can handle her physical needs, but in a mature way.

One way you can do this is by having a mature conversation. You don’t have to talk about politics exactly but being capable of holding any type of conversation for more than five minutes is usually an indicator of maturity. This is especially the case with today’s short attention spans.

Confidence is another sign of maturity. Confidently telling her how beautiful she is, telling her how she’s the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen, etc. is a step in the right direction. Just like before being mindful of going overboard. Be subtle, but firm. Let your confidence exude from your actions.

You want her to feel young again. Sadly, as women age, men tend to pay less attention to them as their looks fade away. They receive fewer compliments and overall feel ignored by the world.

Give her the attention that she craves by making her feel wanted again. The psychology behind this is very powerful. If you can make her feel alive while she’s interacting with you, you’ve done your job well.

Show her that you know what you’re doing

We’ve talked about how younger women use relationships to attempt to find themselves. The same can be said about younger men. Mature women often assume that younger men have no clue what they’re doing:

“He probably has no clue what he’s doing in bed.”

“I bet he won’t hold my door open for me.”

“He’s probably clueless about proper date etiquette.”

Prove her wrong by immediately establishing that you know exactly what you’re doing. You have to communicate that you’re not using this relationship to “discover yourself.” You’re not interested in playing games.

You’re interested in developing a relationship with her (whether that’s long-term or short-term is completely dependent on the nature of the relationship). She needs to know that you’re a legitimate option as a sexual partner.

Cut straight to the chase. Tell her exactly what you want without any of the feather puffing that’s so common with men when they’re trying to seduce a woman. Mature women love the idea of being a “cougar”.

It’s erotic and exciting to fantasize about sleeping with a younger man. There’s just something about delving headlong into the taboo that can really get the heart racing. Allow her to fulfill that fantasy by showing her that you know exactly what you’re doing.

There are thousands of older women looking for younger men online. Whether they’re looking for a sexual encounter or a meaningful relationship, presenting yourself as a bold, confident young man who knows exactly what you’re doing will increase your odds of landing a date with an older woman every time.

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