July’s New Moon, Will Your Zodiac Sign Be Affected?

2020 has started off with a BANG! And with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 4th & now our July 2020 New Moon beginning yesterday it has been a rollercoaster ride for many. Even though this July’s Full Moon is not an eclipse it is not canceling out the trials of tribulations for some of the signs.

Will your sign be one of the ones to be affected? Let us see.

Most of the new moon discord can be initiated by the restrictive and stubborn planet Saturn, which is forming a tough planetary aspect with both the sun and moon during the height of the luminary. “The sun opposes Saturn on this new moon, which can add to the feelings of being weighed down with responsibilities,” astrologer Leslie Hale of Keen.com told Bustle in a recent interview. “Conflicts between work and family responsibilities can arise, and this [could] be a significant news day.”

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, meaning its energy leads with emotion and empathy, and it’s especially associated with home, family, and other private matters. With both the sun and the new moon here, we’ll have the desire to focus on more sensitive and private matters, keeping feelings close to home and examining our personal foundations. But with Saturn occupying Capricorn, which is ambitious and work-focused spirit, we’ll likely be unable to admit these emotional endeavors without being confounded by the weight of our natural responsibilities. Our appetite to start on new schemes and build toward new goals will be entangled by Saturn’s energy, which is propelling difficulties in the road that will force us to slow down and take time.

The sun, moon, and Saturn will be kindling tensions over the cardinal zodiac signs’ planes during the new moon. And if you happen to be one of the zodiac signs most influenced by July’s new moon, you’ll want to take a deep breath and try to keep your cool — because this luminary has the potential to irritate all you come across.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Under the new moon, you’re touching a frustrating strain between the emotional and the tangible, Aries. And that can be no fun for being the impatient fire sign like yourself. Being called to focus on more intimate things such as home and family life and healing things that may be affecting your private space to set more of a relaxing tone in that area, but with work being an undeniable task it is causing you to slip out of control. Realize the desire you have to get deep with yourself and create a safe emotional space to sort through your concerns. You’ll have to discover a balance, as your obligations can’t seem to wait. Schedule some time this weekend for yourself. You’ll still have plenty of time to catch up with your professional life.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer season has been a round-the-clock frenzy for you, baby. Between Mercury retrograde, two eclipses, and now a second new moon in your sign, you’ve barely been able to come up to shore and catch your breath. Beneath this luminary, you’re feeling unusually frustrated over not having enough opportunity for yourself and me time. After all the astrological emotion you’ve had to manage, it’s time for a day off to prioritize your own needs. Unfortunately, this weekend may not pan out that way. Relationship drama is making it impossible to focus on yourself — but the conflict and discord aren’t for nothing. You’re learning valuable lessons about how to operate in relationships, so give partnerships the attention they require during the new moon, but be sure to acknowledge yourself by sustaining boundaries and communicating your needs, Cancer.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Work has kept you busy, Libra. And you’ll likely feel a flash of inspiration and initiative when it comes to taking on new projects. Along with undertaking new goals. However, the energy of the new moon is fully jumbling your course. While your heart wants to focus on your professional dreams, you’re going to feel clashed when it comes to the duties in your home life. Some sacrifices will be required and you’ll need to make time to handle the emotional issues that occur. Contrarily, they’ll continue to serve as a disturbance from the things you want to direct your energy to. Remember that this is only temporary for you, Libra. Despite the fact that you’re exploding with ideas, take small, but practical steps toward your goals instead of gravity-defying leaps. Arranging the small essence will allow you a chance to deal with other personal matters — and it’ll still count as development once this luminary is ended.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

If you want to focus on the healings in your relationships, Capricorn, you’re going to have to heal yourself. And under the upcoming new moon, you’ll see this with crystal clarity. Managing the relationships with integrity as well as building long-lasting bonds with your partner and other close friends is important to you. While you’ll seem more motivated than ever to flow yourself into these partnerships. You’re going to find that you keep accruing with the same issues, and the core of those issues is within YOU! Be willing to own up to your own passionate baggage and do the work that’s necessary to grow in your relationships. Alternative ways are intriguing, but you know better than anyone that they’re never as strong as taking the longer road that promises prosperity.

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