Mars Retrograde: How Will It Affect You or Will It?

God of War or as many may know it by Mars. Astrologically, the red orb is believed to rule anger, action, egos, and desire. With it being retrograde in Aries, it is worth it to listen up closely. The sign of the ram is this planet’s “home”; as Mars tracks backward through determined and passionate Aries, we can expect plenty of choas and dramatics.This red planet will stay retrograde for two whole months, from 9th of September until 13th November.

“Hold onto your seats, this is going to be a wild ride!” says Mysticalcraft Arriana, a advisor and tarot card reader. “Try to take the next few months with an open mind, as it will be intense during this time as Mars comes in and shakes up our lives — Mars style.” She says that when the planet of action leaves its retrograde, we’ll all be staring at a new beginning. Keep your eye trained on that prize to help you get through the next couple of months.

See how affected these 4 signs are during this time.

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