Ballads 1

Ballads 1

Ballads 1

Ballads 1 is Joji’s first full-length project released on 26 October 2018. Joji is mostly known for his days on YouTube as Filthy Frank or Pink Guy as a comic character. But through Ballads 1, Joji clearly states that he is much more than an online personality to laugh at. Although he has released many singles before, through ballads 1 he tries a multitude of vocal deliveries and continues to expand his sound. This album revolves around the themes of loneliness and loving someone. Joji explains these deep feelings in a poetic and captivating way.

Ballads 1

Opening with the track “Attention,” the album aims unquestionably at gaining the attention of the audience and Joji’s motive to have it at any cost. The major standout of the album is “No Fun.” R.I.P features Trippie Redd, and XNXX talks about longing and desire for love. The album closes with ” I’ll see you in 40″. Overall this album is impressive in many ways. Via this album, Joji has emerged as a self-deprecating pop star. This album also depicts the passion, dedication and time it took to come out. All this shows how serious is Joji about his


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