Carter V

Carter V

Tha Carter V is a long-delayed album by Lil Wayne which was supposed to release in 2014. It can be observed as one of the best work by Wayne in nearly a decade. It is Wayne’s most personal album till date and restores the fact that his rapping is still worth cherishing. Weezy was strengthened as an all-time pop star after the release of Carter III. He never let his audience forget that he was the best rapper alive. Carter V had to suffer repeated delays because of personal problems and professional disputes. It was assumed many times that Carter V might end up as a myth.

Carter V

2018 release of Carter V proves that Lil Wayne is not a quitter. This album purveys the listeners with the thrill they were hoping for. It has fantastic music and lyrics. It clearly shows the passion it was intended to.  Weezy was not exactly silent all these years. He launched a number of mixtapes and also made guest appearances. Carter V is memorable and demonstrates the strong return of Weezy. It is satisfying and appropriately rewards the patient fans.

Carter V

This album is insightful enough to pacify those seeking something fresh from Wayne. Being stuck up in the storm of contractual disputes, it still displays lyrical artistry. “Dictate” has a perfect touch of style and “Mona Lisa” displays the enchanting element of storytelling. Carter V has proven to be a suitable comeback for Lil Wayne.

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