On 9th of November 2018, Imagine Dragons released their fourth album titled Origins, and it was an instant hit among the global population. The band lives up to the expectations of their million fans, as they have created some of the most electrifying songs namely Machine, Zero, and Natural. The band has produced a different level of composition for which they are adored by their million fans around the globe. Overall, the latest album of Imagine Dragons contains 12 songs.


Their latest album is popular, and an instant hit because of its good lyrics and great musical tones. The track Bullet in a gun has great electronic beats plus the core beauty of the song is that it is completely unpredictable, it’s like Imagine Dragons are trying to take you on a rollercoaster ride. One of the most plus points of the Origins album is that you will get to listen to different types of tracks.


The vocals of Dan Reynolds in Birds song is simply amazing; you will literally get goosebumps after hearing this song as it is dynamically recorded and artistically sung by the singer. This album is a real treat for Alternative Rock lovers. The deluxe edition of the album also contains three extra tracks named Burn out, Real life and Birds which are very enthralling. Every single soundtrack of Origin album is vibrant, beautiful, full of life and soulful.

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