On 13 November 2016, Ariana Grande announced that she has completed her fourth album and roughly two years later on 17 August 2018 we got Sweetener. The word means “to sweeten” or “to bring a light to a situation”.  This album features fifteen songs and guest appearance from Pharell Williams, Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot. Music varies from pop, R and B to trap songs which include the elements of hip-hop, funk and neo-soul. The lyrics are heart captivating, while the music will urge you to groove on the dance floor.


While Grande was an exceptional singer, with this album, she proved her excellent songwriting skills. With this album, she brings variations with her upbeat and alive music. Songs like “No tears left to cry”, “God is a Women” and “Breathing” this album not only gave us melodious music but the song which can be used as an inspiration. As we know Ariana Grande follows the ideology of feminism, “God is a women” also gives the same vibe. While song “Breathing” depicts the issue of anxiety, from which many people are suffering from, but they aren’t able to come forward and speak.


Although the inconsistent production of Pharell Williams could have ruined the album, it was “No tears Left to Cry” which provided Sweetener an air of calm completeness and the sense that all humanity will be facing whatever may come in front.

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