A parcel theft was recorded in Mandy Moore’s home security camera

American singer and actress, Mandy Moore spotted a person who was stealing parcels from her premise. The incident took place on 20th of November, Moore shared a screenshot from her security camera where the lower half of man is clearly seen, standing right in her driveway. The man was standing right beside three boxes. Through her Instagram account, the singer shared the image with her fans. Moore further wrote that it brings bad karma to those who steal from others; the Candy hitmaker sounded very upset due to the incidence and called robbers as worse human beings.

In the second Instagram image, Moore had shared the image of parcels those were dropped right at her doorsteps, only a couple of minutes before. Mandy Moore further registered her complain to FedEx executives; she further wrote that the theft took place due to delivery guy’s negligence and he’s the one to be blamed. Moore also wrote that the delivery guy left the parcel right on the front yard without even caring to ring the bell. While the parcels were left by one of the delivery guys of Fed Ex, Moore was in her house.

The Thanksgiving weekend turned out to be a rollercoaster ride for the 34-year-old singer. On 18th of November Moore got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Taylor Goldsmith at her Los Angeles home. Moore has shared her happiness with millions of fans through the Instagram network. The singer also got heartbroken as her beloved pet Madeline passed away just a day before her big day.

In her Instagram account, Moore had expressed her grief of losing Madeline; she wrote that she’s still trying to cope up with Madeline’s untimely demise. The singer also wrote that Madeline will always be a part of her life and that she would never be able to forget her.

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