After Getting released from the charges filed by White’s estrange husband Jim Carrey is dating again


Veteran actor Jim Carrey has started to date once again, three years after his girlfriend Carolina White committed suicide. After passing away of White, Carrey had started to live a quite life; he used to spend more of his time in arts. Back in 2015 Carolina White died due to drug overdose and Jim was sued by her mother alleging that the veteran actor, the comedian had influenced her daughter to take drugs in the first place.

Furthermore White’s ex-husband, Mark Burton had charged Carrey of killing his estranged wife and that he had also given her sexually transmitted disease. To his allegations, Jim had filed a countersuit back in September 2017. Jim had even told to one of the news channels that both Mark and White’s mother are trying to defame him and that he wants to take strict legal actions against both of them. Jim was also released from the charges filed by Mark in the starting of the year 2018.

In a recent interview by Radio Magazine, the veteran actor told the interviewer that he lead an isolated life as he doesn’t like to socialize with others on a regular basis. Jim further told the interviewer that he likes to spend time all alone, by himself, he told that it might surprise some people, but according to him, it’s fine. Jim also told about his passion for painting, sculpture making, and book reading.

Jim Carrey had dated different actresses’ viz. Jenny McCarthy and Renee Zellweger. After attaining the crown of comedy king, Carrey moved away from Hollywood in recent past. To one of the reports of reputed news agency Carrey told that he doesn’t want to be a part of film industry anymore. He also said that the movie business had made him pretty disillusioned and he wasn’t able to distinguish between the real and reel life. Jim told that he dislikes the working of corporations which are controlling the film industry.

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