Alex Rodriguez Is Having Fun Skiing With Someone Else

SAINT-TROPEZ, France – Alex Rodriguez took a page in the recently rekindled romance between his ex-fiancé, Jennifer Lopez, and Ben Affleck, taking time off to enjoy Europe with someone else.

As most fans have heard, Ben and Jen have been spending some quality time together, vacationing all over Europe to celebrate Jen’s 52nd birthday. However, it’s not only the iconic couple of the 2000s who thinks that partying in a massive yacht is a great idea this time of year.

Alex Rodriguez also decided to have some fun in St. Tropez, jet skiing with Melanie Collins. Some paparazzi caught the former baseball player driving a jet ski while the lady he was spending time with was holding onto his back.

It seems that A-Rod is having the time of his life, enjoying some great company, despite his ex-fiancé already moving on with Ben Affleck. In the paparazzi photo, you can see Alex Rodriguez grinning from ear to ear as he raced around the water with Melanie.

Awkwardly enough, Jen and Ben are currently out and about in the same area in their massive yacht. According to reports, Alex and Melanie’s yacht sailed past Jen and Ben’s earlier that day.

For those who might not know the lady hanging around A-Rod during this St. Tropez vacation, she is an NFL reporter. Melanie and Alex run in the same sports circle, so it would make sense that they’ll find each other good company.

However, it’s still unclear if they are pursuing a romantic relationship. After all, previous reports came out that the two are only friends. Regardless, it’s safe to assume that Alex Rodriguez isn’t too bothered and is moping right now because of the PDA-packed vacation photos of the famous Bennifer couple.

Meanwhile, reports shared that Ben and Jen are enjoying their beautiful trip together. They look very happy but aren’t too stressed about getting engaged again.

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