Caitlyn Jenner No Longer Supports President Donald Trump

In one of the columns in The Washington Post, famous American TV personality Caitlyn Jenner revealed that she no longer supported President Donald Trump. She had always defended her stand for being a Republican even since she voted for President Trump in 2016. However, things seem to be quite different, and she has bluntly denied being on Trump’s side. Caitlyn is offended by the new policies introduced by Trump as they are adversely affecting the transgender community.

Just a few days back an elderly publically criticized Trump for the proposed policy that would require an individual to be defined as a female or male as per their genitalia at their birth. This is something which will have grave consequences on non-binary and transgender people.

Caitlyn also mentioned that she believes in Trump’s promises to defend the LGBTQ community was a huge mistake. She also says that she was talked into believing that Trump’s administration would help her in bringing about a change in the LGBTQ community. But she now realizes that things are happening quite on the contrary, and the transgender community is under a lot of pressure and are being mistreated.

Believing that Trump and his administration would support their community and work for their betterment was a big mistake and that she would never support someone who was against the LGBTQ community said, Caitlyn. She also said that this was a lesson for her and that she was now more determined to do something for the community and voice for their rights and protection. Jenner is willing to work with anyone who is in support of this community. Even though they are a part of a community, we are all humans and need to be treated with equal rights and laws just as the others.

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