Jason Derulo Performs for His Fans Through the Balcony

After his show was canceled because of safety reasons singer Jason Derulo performed in the balcony of the concert venue in the Czech Republic.

One of his most heard songs is ‘Swalla’ featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. The singer was booked to perform at Tipsport Arena in Prague. However, when the star was getting set to rehearse for his show, the tour manager insisted that they cancel the music show because there were many structural problems which could put the star and his crew’s life in danger.

Jason was disappointed about having to cancel the performance because thousands of fans were expecting to see the star perform live. The fans had been waiting for several hours just to hear the singer. Instead of breaking the news to his fans about canceling the show he decided to perform for them from the balcony of the arena.

He soon shared a small video footage of the discussion that he had with his tour manager and explained the situation to his followers.

It was a safety issue which led the star to cancel the show. The fans had been waiting for Jason’s performance since seven in the morning which had Jason heartbroken to reveal to them about canceling the show. So, he walked out with a microphone, shared the videos about why the show was canceled and then gave them a short performance through the balcony.

He also confirmed that he would reschedule a performance for them soon because the love that he received from his fans that night was something that he would never forget. It is yet to whether or not Jason would perform in a different location in Prague but he will soon communicate it to his fans.

Lately, Christina Aguilera had also canceled a music performance because of safety concerns.

Last update was on: July 28, 2023 4:51 am

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